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Scroll through the verticals on and you’ll find the seeds of a wonderful future that undeniably sprouts into harmony and peace.

The social impact category paints a future of sustainability by way of IoT derived natural resource management. No more wasting of crops, guessing at pesticide amounts, or being ignorant of soil conditions across vast fields. Digital identity can interface with borders, and help create citizens of the world rather than arbitrarily geographically tied humans who are forbade from going to and fro without extensive bureaucratic intervention. Even locally we can improve governance models and public services with futuristic sounding ideas like .. gasp .. ranked-choice democratic voting. Or maybe even something more ambitious like liquid democracy (go read Dom’s 2015 thoughts on liquid democracy).

In mobility, vehicles will have embedded wallets that let them form markets for every type of interaction we encounter on highways. Daimler wrote about truck platooning. Episode 13 of Untangled was on the topic of platooning, and they describe it well. Vehicles are able to autonomously organize themselves into a platoon (a line of cars or trucks that follow each other so closely that every vehicle behind the first in line benefits from the aerodynamics of drafting). Apply that to a platoon of trucks, and something like this emerges: “Only the leader of the platoon will be controlled by a person, while the rest of the vehicles are driving autonomously. By using the Tangle, the platoon leader can get compensated in real-time for the leading efforts.” Electric vehicles have burst onto the scene, so smart charging and smart paying (streams of IOTA payments for each discrete amount of charge electricity, in real time) seems like a reasonable step. Car insurance whose rate varies based on individual usage will make driving safer and cheaper. Terry Shane even presented bIOTAsphere’s proof of concept!

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