IOT2TANGLE. End of year review

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Before 2020 ends,, we want to capitulate on some of our most important milestones this year. In perspective, from the XDK110/MAM integration days by XDK2MAM to our current set of open-source codebase, a lot of things happened. In short, we are now building solid bridges between the new IOTA Layer 2 messaging solution (IOTA Streams) and IoT devices used commonly when developing concepts such as Raspberries, ESP32/8266, or STM32. On top of this, we are proud of the close relationship we constructed with companies such as Bosch, STMicroelectronics, and Espressif. Finally, but probably the most important thing, we engaged with the IoT community and had developers (many new to IOTA) using our tools to integrate their projects with the Tangle.

Adoption, adoption, adoption

All efforts from our side go to boost IOTA adoption. During this year, we learned that this combination of 1) open-source tools ready to use out of the box, 2) continuous dialogue with the leading IoT companies, and 3) engagement with the IoT developers community to validate and improve our work is the key to success. Only by developing these three fronts in a balanced way you will get a shot at being used as a de-facto solution for whatever you are working on.

We are proud of our work until here and excited for what will come in 2021, when IOTA may change the crypto space forever.

IOT2TANGLE in a nutshell

I2T focus on deliver open-source tools to enhance the experience of IoT developers while implementing IOTA on their projects. They don’t need to worry about coding Rust or upgrading such code as the Streams protocol evolves: instead, they just keep their Gateways upgraded and all that will be handled by us.

To this end, we built a solution based on different modules.

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