IOTA Ledger of Everything – R&D Roadmap review

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Since the Crypto market is at a stage with no major fluctuations at this moment (after 2017 took us through a roller coaster of feelings and enthusiasm), we could see how people focused their attention for cryptocurrencies more on knowing not only their value on the crypto market each day, but also on learning what the technology behind them was about.

This can certainly be a good year for people who do not yet know about crypts and DLT’s, to get to know IOTA due to its great potential. The IF has achieved great advances in the field of research and development, thanks to its great team of researchers and scientists. Today we will review some of them.


We can say that those of us who adopted IOTA at an early stage witnessed the improvements and progress that IOTA has made in terms of development, that really make us think that although there is work to be done, the IOTA Foundation and all the team behind it are going the right way.

GUI Wallet

Undoubtedly, IF has us used to make constant updates on the development of its IOTA technology. During the last year we could see, for example, the development of the Tinity wallet and although it is still in a Beta stage, we can use it without major worries. Trinity is undoubtedly much easier to use and has more user-friendly functions.

With the previous GUI Wallet we had to promote and reattach most of the tx, had to pay attention not to use the same address twice and many other things that made it difficult to use. With the release of Trinity our concern as users to make a key rehuse was forgotten, we don’t have to worry about generating new addresses every time we make a transaction. It is much easier to manage our seeds once they are created, since there is an option to save them in a seed voult that can only be opened with a password. The transactions are done in a simpler and more comfortable way for the user, just to name a few of the most visible improvements.

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The full article was originally published by Daniel De Michele on IOTA Hispano, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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