IOTA Ledger of Everything, Review of May Announcements

The full article was originally published by Gabriela Jara on IOTA Hispano. Read the full article here.

Next, we will make a review of the announcements of this first half of May made by IOTA.
It is extremely important for users like you and me to understand the magnitude of the work being carried out by the foundation. The strategic partnerships that are made to improve the protocol, The integration of IOTA technology in companies of great weight in the market. Viable use cases and token adaptation for companies and businesses that require a more complex type of protection when using IOTA.

IOTA Integration for Businesses

Integrating the IOTA token for businesses, large token holders and other large-scale uses

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IOTA is working on the integration of the token in companies and some other large-scale uses. Work has begun to support organizations and institutional investors that use the IOTA Token. As more businesses incorporate the IOTA Token into their products and services, it will be important to provide a regulated mechanism for storing and exchanging IOTA Tokens.
Purchasing IOTA tokens can be easy for individual users. This process only requires purchasing the tokens on some platform that operates with them and then sending them to the Trinity wallet. But this would not be the case for those organizations that are regulated and wish to operate with the IOTA token on a large scale.

According to Dan Simerman These groups may require tools that protect them from theft, mismanagement or legal exposure while using and storing digital assets. These onramps must be created in partnership with established, regulated service providers in order for all participants in the IOTA ecosystem to thrive.

Entities that would use such services include:

Businesses integrating the IOTA Token into their products and services.
Institutional investors interested in IOT and DLT technologies.
Financial Institutions interested in using IOTA.
Smart Cities leveraging IOTA and/or the IOTA Token.
Businesses who will provide liquidity for products and services leveraging the IOTA Token.
Community members that wish to hold their IOTA with a regulated custodian.

Mobility, Transportation & Smart Cities

IOTA at the Texas Smart Cities Summit and Austin transportation

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IOTA Foundation is expanding its horizons into America. This new relationship has begun to have a great impact and that is why IOTA has just confirmed its participation as a sponsor in the Texas Smart Cities Summit.
At the end of April IOTA participated in a Meetup in Austin Texas with none other than Dominik Schiener, prior to this we could read that ATX, the official transportation agency of Austin, Texas, announced that it has partnered with IOTA with the intention of bringing innovation to the mobility industry in the state capital, which has a population of approximately 1 million.

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The full article was originally published by Gabriela Jara on IOTA Hispano, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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