IOTA Technology in a Smart Wallet for Jaguar Land Rover

The full article was originally published by Gabriela Jara on IOTA Hispano. Read the full article here.

So far this year one of the most significant things that we find in the top news about IOTA, is about the great work being done by the Research team of the IOTA Foundation to soon become a reality the moment when the Coordinator ceases to exist in the IOTA network.

Recently another great news that can be placed in the ranking of the 10 best news about IOTA of the year made us open our eyes wide: The IOTA Foundation announced its association with Jaguar and Land Rover. London’s renowned automotive brand will integrate a IOTA-Powered Smart wallet into its vehicles that will use IOTA technology for data transfer, data collection and value transfer.

It is evident that every day new smart integrations are added to different everyday devices. It is not for less, if we listen to statistics that analyze that by the year 2025 we will have approximately 100 Billion devices connected to each other we must think that those changes or integrations are happening at this very moment and that soon we will begin to live our daily lives as the futuristic movies we saw when we were kids (there will be much more time to fly as Marty McFly and Dr. Emmett Brown?).

The Internet of Things is considered in the automotive sector as one of the greatest improvements that will bring a friendly environment industry and also autonomy and safety on the roads.

What is this project about?

A team from Jaguar & Land Rover’s R&D department, are working on a smart wallet at their Research and Development facility in Shannon, Ireland, which will enable value transactions as well as data collection and exchange. The Smart Wallet will also allow small messages and even files to be sent. Drivers can earn money on tokens by sending data that the car collects on its way.

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The full article was originally published by Gabriela Jara on IOTA Hispano, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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