IOTA Trinity Wallet Roadmap

An outline of the main features that have been implemented, that are currently under development, and that are under consideration.

In Development

We will continue to improve the Trinity experience. Please remember that some of the ideas on this roadmap remain under consideration and will not be implemented if deemed insecure in any way.

If you have any questions or suggestions about Trinity, please feel free to reach out in the #trinity channel on Discord.


Features applicable to both desktop and mobile.

  • QR scanning
    QR scanning enables faster seed and address entry. Messages can be added to address QR codes, with planned support for transaction amount (e.g. for an invoice).
  • Multi-language support
    Full app translation into multiple languages. An ongoing process.
  • UI / UX synchronisation
    Design work to harmonise the user experience and feel of the desktop and mobile apps.
  • Hub JS
    Porting core transaction logic into the reusable Hub JavaScript module.
  • Internal transfer
    Send transfers between accounts by selecting account name (similar to transferring between accounts in a banking app).
  • Tangle explorer
    Observe full transaction information through a Tangle explorer.
  • Deep Linking (Under Review)
    Tap a link to open the app with transaction information filled in automatically.


Features specific to Trinity Mobile.

  • Fingerprint Authentication
    Current implementations of fingerprint authentication are reliant on storing the seed in an unsafe space, prone to attack if the phone is stolen and rooted. We are examining novel ways of overcoming this issue.
  • Background processes
    Allowing the app to be minimised while processing continues in the background, working with the aggressive memory / CPU management of mobile platforms.
  • Optimised mobile modules
    Optimised native modules for Proof-of-Work and address generation, to speed up wallet functions.


Features specific to Trinity Desktop.

  • Ledger Nano S support
    Support for the Ledger Nano S hardware wallet.
  • Trezor support
    Support for the Trezor hardware wallet.
  • YubiKey 2FA support
    Two-factor authentication support for the YubiKey device.
  • Widgets
    Support for a Windows widget and Mac menu bar app.
  • Optimised native modules
    Optimised native modules for Proof-of-Work and address generation, to speed up wallet functions.

Blue Sky

Potential features planned for the future.

  • MAM Address Book
    A more permanent contact address, aiming to overcome the limitations of address reuse. This would also enable donation addresses.
  • MAM Messaging
    Support for messaging using private MAM streams, building on the address book feature.


Features that have already been implemented.

  • Optimised native modules,
  • Fingerprint Authentication,
  • Snapshot transition,
  • Statefulness,
  • Seed storage,
  • Seed generation,
  • Multi-seed support,
  • Paper wallet,
  • Price graph,
  • Standard / Expert modes,
  • Local and remote PoW,
  • Theme Customisation,
  • Fiat conversion display,
  • Send fiat equivalents,
  • Two-factor authentication,
  • Auto-promotion / reattachment.

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