Launching Accumulator on ShimmerEVM: Supercharge Your DeFi Yield Farming

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of Accumulator on ShimmerEVM, a decentralized yield optimizer for DeFi investors. Accumulator leverages automation to empower everyone to harness the full potential of yield farming opportunities, maximizing profits while ensuring security. It enhances user earnings by automatically collecting, exchanging, and reinvesting rewards from liquidity pools, providing efficiency, cost savings, and higher returns compared to manual yield farming. What makes this launch even more exciting is that Accumulator is the very first yield aggregator operating on the ShimmerEVM network.

Boost your crypto yields

Accumulator offers users a seamless way to maximize yield on their cryptocurrencies in a secure and decentralized manner. This is achieved through a sophisticated set of smart contracts and an array of investment strategies. Accumulator automates the process of optimizing user rewards from various liquidity pools (LPs) on decentralized exchanges and other DeFi yield farming opportunities. It achieves this by reinvesting rewards directly into the principal yield earning opportunities, compounding gains for users. This automated approach not only saves time and fees but is also highly efficient in boosting returns.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Accumulator systematically collects rewards.
  2. A portion of these reward tokens is strategically converted into assets.
  3. The assets are skillfully reinvested into liquidity pools.
  4. The reinvested assets are securely staked.

Embarking with SMR and LUM: the first vault

At the core of Accumulator’s offerings are its vaults, designed for users to securely stake their crypto tokens and maximize their yield.

Upon its launch, Accumulator will interact with ShimmerSea’s LUM/SMR LP, enabling users to earn and compound rewards efficiently. When using Accumulator with the LUM/SMR LP, users can automatically convert their earned LUM into an SMR-LUM LP to further grow their staked assets. This approach allows users to maximize their rewards without the need for manual intervention.

Your funds within Accumulator’s vaults are never subject to lock-ins; you retain the flexibility to withdraw them at any given moment.

In addition, Accumulator users can expect the introduction of our utility token ACCU, which will play a key role in the platform’s ecosystem. Specific details about the token’s utility will be shared soon.

For more information, make sure to read our Gitbook documentation.

Auditing for your peace of mind

Accumulator is a fork of Beefy Finance, a battle-tested platform known for its rigorous auditing process. Beefy Finance has undergone thorough audits by both DeFiYield and Certik, ensuring the robustness of their smart contracts and the safety of users’ funds. You can access all Beefy audits on their GitHub.

In the process of forking Beefy Finance, meticulous care has been taken to preserve the smart contracts in their original, unaltered state, thereby safeguarding the contractual integrity and essence of Beefy Finance.

As we launch this dApp, we are fully aware that our own audit is still pending. Rest assured, ensuring our users’ safety is our utmost priority. We are committed to conducting a comprehensive audit following the token launch to ensure the safety and security of our platform. Stay tuned for further updates!

Join the automated yield hunt

Now, discover the power of auto-compounding with Accumulator. Join the SMR-LUM LP, lean back, and watch your assets grow!

Stay connected with us on X and jump into our Discord community to connect with fellow DeFi enthusiasts.

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