LP Yield Compounding on Accumulator: A Guide for Yield Farmers

Are you interested in earning passive income on your cryptocurrency holdings, but not sure how to maximize your returns? If you’re familiar with yield farming, you may have heard of LP yield compounding — a strategy that can help you earn even more rewards on your investments. In this guide, we’ll explain how LP yield compounding works on Accumulator, a Beefy Finance fork built on the ShimmerEVM network.

What is LP Yield Compounding?

LP yield compounding involves using liquidity provider (LP) tokens to earn rewards from yield farming. LP tokens are received when you provide liquidity to a decentralized exchange (DEX), such as ShimmerSea. These LP tokens represent your share of the liquidity pool and can be used to earn additional rewards by staking them in yield farming opportunities.

When you stake your LP tokens in a yield farming pool, you earn rewards in the form of additional LP tokens or other cryptocurrencies. You can then take those rewards and stake them back in the same pool, compounding your returns over time. This means that your investment can grow exponentially without any additional effort on your part.

How LP Yield Compounding Works on Accumulator

Accumulator, a yield aggregator dApp built on the ShimmerEVM network, allows you to maximize returns on LP yield compounding with minimal effort. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Deposit Your LP Tokens

The first step is to deposit your LP tokens into Accumulator’s smart contracts. You’ll receive a receipt token called in return. This token represents your share of the LP yield farming opportunities that Accumulator invests your LP tokens in.

Step 2: Reinvesting Rewards

As your LP tokens earn rewards from yield farming, Accumulator automatically reinvests those rewards back into the same opportunities, compounding your returns over time. This means that your investment can grow exponentially without any additional effort on your part.

Step 3: Withdraw Your Funds

If you want to withdraw your funds, simply redeem your receipt token and you’ll receive your original LP tokens plus any rewards earned through yield farming. Accumulator charges a small fee for this service, which is deducted from your rewards.

Case Study Example:

LP yield farming with a consistent 50% yield through the year with Accumulator automatically compounding rewards returns are approximately 64% without compounding returns are 50% and the variance increases exponentially as rates increase.


LP yield compounding can be a powerful strategy for maximizing your yield farming profits. With Accumulator, you can take advantage of LP yield compounding with minimal effort, thanks to its automatic yield farming and reinvestment features. By depositing your LP tokens into Accumulator’s smart contracts, you can earn even more rewards from your investments and watch your portfolio grow over time.

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