November IOTA Buenos Aires Meetup summary

The full article was originally published by Daniel De Michele on IOTA Hispano. Read the full article here.

This Thursday 22th of November, IOTA had its last 2018 Ecosystem sponsored Buenos Aires Meetup at Espacio Bitcoin with the presences of Serguei Popov (IOTA Co-Founder), a remote link with Eric Hop (Qubic Product Owner), Claudio Martin (H2h), Daniel De Michele and Alejandro Elustondo (XDK2MAM) and Nicolas Schteinschraber (R/GA). Because 2018 was a pretty intense year for IOTA in Argentina, before we summarize this Meetup talks, we want to quickly review the year community main events.

Brief summary of this year activity

May and June IOTA Buenos Aires Meetups and community activity
July IOTA Buenos Aires Meetup with Serguei Popov 
August IOTA and XDK2MAM presentation at Espacio Bitcoin
August IOTA Bariloche Meetup at FabLab
September XDK2MAM Workshop at Instituto Baikal
September Tangle Patagonia at Expo Emprender
September XDK2MAM Blockcrypto San Pablo Workshop
October IOTA and XDK2MAM talk at International Congress of Open Software
November Tangle Patagonia Meetup
November IOTA Buenos Aires Meetup
November No Soy Satoshi podcast invitation to talk about IOTA
December IOTA Talk + XDK2MAM Workshop at Valencia (Venezuela)

As a result of this amazing year we got in touch with people in some argentinian cities that are building up community clusters such as Córdoba and we are discussing adoption/integration with educational institutions (Blockchain Academy Argentina is analyzing to add IOTA courses) and some software companies working close to the mobility industry.

An IOTA approach to Tracking and Lock System by Claudio Martin (H2H)

Claudio Martín from H2h-Viko talked us about how they are conducting proofs of concept with DLTs at supply chain tracking and containers locking fields. This was the only talk given in Spanish.

Serguei Popov and the Coordicide

Serguei Popov (IOTA Co-Founder) did a little introduction on how he ended up being part of IOTA and then covered the current Coordicide status, shown in the four posts serie published some days ago. He answered many questions and did some free thinking about some philosophical aspects on how the Tangle and its users should be. Very good talk, despite having some audios issues.

Eric Hop and the Qubic Computational Model

After Popov’s presentation we remotely connected with Eric Hop to get an explanation on how the Qubic Computational Model is being designed by Eric and the Qubic team. Abra, Dispatchers and Oracles were some of the concepts covered.

Read the full Article

The full article was originally published by Daniel De Michele on IOTA Hispano, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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