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The field of healthcare has seemingly always been an important area for IOTA. The Tangle theoretically pairs well with health data encryption and transfer, so it makes sense.

To emphasize the importance that IOTA puts on healthcare: one of the board members at the IOTA Foundation is a practising medical doctor. They dedicated a portion of their early work to healthcare streams. The website has a slot for their eHealth vertical. IOTA imagines a future of remote patient monitoring, a healthcare data exchange, and research data integrity.

We were fortunate to sit down with Brian Bong, an entrepreneur in eHealth who is a massive contributor to the IOTA ecosystem. Let’s meet Brian. Enjoy.

HelloIOTA Question #1

The IOTA community will know you as a long time IOTA enthusiast, dating back to 2017. Since then, you’ve been hard at work building the IOTA community in Kuala Lampur (KL) while serving as the IEN Regional Community Leader of your region. Can you briefly tell us about where you grew up, your educational background, and your career interests? Are you originally from Malaysia? How did you decide to study hotel management? And then making the trip to SIU? What did you study at Southern Illinois? Was that your first time living in America? Any thoughts on that experience? You’ve got lots of project management and consulting experience! We’d love to hear more about that mixture of talents.

I grew up in Bau, a small town in Sarawak (on Borneo island), Malaysia. Fascinated with hotel life, I went to Switzerland in 1985 to study Diploma in Hotel Management after HSC (A level equivalent). I did my service and kitchen internship in Kongresshaus, Bienne and Holiday Inn am Main, Frankfurt respectively.

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