Our April 2023 Dev Update

What’s new in the Soonaverse?

While things may seem a little quiet in the Soonaverse there has been a tremendous amount of re-architecting happening in the background of our current operations. This BUIDLing has been our top priority and it’s important to understand how we’re opening up from just being a single point solution and user interface to a platform that 3rd party applications can build upon. This was the goal from the very beginning and it’s finally starting to materialize. The APIs have been enhanced and will continue to be enhanced until our front end only uses the APIs. After that we will open source the front end code and any project will be able to spin up their own “verse” by copying the front end and hooking it up to the same APIs that power the Soonaverse.

This is big because the platform is maturing. There’s other people and projects developing with the already existing APIs, and once the front end is open sourced, the Soonaverse will become one of many “verses” in the IOTA and Shimmer ecosystem building on top of this open source software.

While the master plan in the background continues without a hitch, Adam and his team were still able to deliver a good amount of features over the past month. Let’s take a second to review some of the highlights from this latest release.

NFT Profile Picture Support

The avatar pictures you’ve come to know and love will no longer be your only option for profile pictures. You can now go to your profile on the Soonaverse, click the edit button, and choose one of your NFTs to be your new profile picture:

As if that’s not good enough, we’ve funded the storage deposits for all current avatar profile pictures to be minted as NFTs. You will officially own your profile picture as a digital asset on the Shimmer network. https://soonaverse.com/collection/0x439c87f97ece722312162a0b60bb27deb6908ab9

Ability to Import Minted Tokens

Before this release, spaces could only be associated with tokens that were created using the Soonaverse platform. Now any user can create a token outside of the Soonaverse (e.g. Firefly wallet) and then import them into the Soonaverse.

To do this all one needs to do is go into a space that their a guardian of and in the “Manage” section of the space and click the “Import Token” button. That will make it so the Soonaverse grabs all of the token details from the Tangle, links it to the space, and then displays all of the information.

Possibility to Change Wallet Address for a Space

When wallet addresses were initially added for space, one of the training wheels that was put on it was that once an address was linked, it couldn’t be changed. This was put in place because we were worried that one guardian, in the middle of a sale, could discreetly change the address without anybody noticing and embezzling funds from a project.

But now when a guardian goes to change the address for a space, it triggers a proposal for all guardians to vote on. If passed with over a 50% majority then the address is officially changed.

All Platform Improvements

As you may have noticed if you’ve scrolled through the newly updated Soonaverse, a lot more has been released than just the developments listed above. Below is the full list of everything that was enhanced during this latest release.

Repository “soonaverse/soonaverse-dao”:

  • Enable various token decimals #1084
  • Possibility to change the wallet address for “Space” #1116
  • Share NFT “restriction” within the ORDER/BILL_PAYMENTS transactions #1099
  • Upvotes/downvotes display is switched #1098
  • Token description is not editable #1088
  • Proposal Title text is truncated #1086
  • Spaces that have multiple tokens can not have a Token vote #1085
  • NFT number not displayed #1079
  • Not properly displayed page #1075
  • Little optical glitch in the sidebar #1055
  • Voting results of proposal showing wrong #1076

Repository “soonaverse/soonaverse”:

  • Turn avatars into NFT Collection & enable support for any NFT to be an avatar soonaverse#2326
  • Massive overhaul into our micro services, scalability and enable use via REST soonaverse#2367
  • UI: Add ability to set/unset NFT as avatar soonaverse#2330
  • Ability to import minted tokens soonaverse#2402
  • Stake reward improvements soonaverse#2396
  • NFT CLASSIC collection’s ability to restrict NFT for members (platform support) soonaverse#2328

Once again, it’s always important to remind everybody that all changes that are part of the “soonaverse-dao” repo are community raised ones. The platform is being tailored to the user’s preferred experience and not just what some developers THINK is the ideal solution. If you want to learn more about anything mentioned above feel free to reach out in our Discord!

In the next release (0.20), we’re changing our front end to use our public library @soonaverse/lib. This is the same library that’s used by all other community projects. This process will enhance the library and allow us to open source front end code for anyone to take it and customize it. Users will be able to easily spin up their own marketplaces, etc. running on top of, what we like to call… the BUILD platform. Watch this space for MOAR information SOOOOON.

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