Projects Serie: meet Microhash, qubIOTA developer

Since the Qubic project became known, many of us wonder what can be done with it.

In this context we find one of the first exclusive projects for Qubic, qubIOTA, that is why we contacted the person behind it to tell us a little more about what it is about and what other projects are currently working on.

Ezequiel Outon
Writer & Editor, IOTA Hispano

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I am 19-year old student of computer science in my second semester, and live in Germany. Currently, I am active in the IOTA ecosystem as community developer. The three large projects I am running at the moment are the IOTA Spam fund (, QubIOTA (, and Qubic Lite ( Ever since the IOTA Foundation released more information about Q, I have been obsessed with it. You might notice through the Medium articles I write every once in a while.

When and how was your first approach to IOTA?

As most people did and do, I came into this space through Bitcoin – this was in early 2017. I have known about it since 2015, but never really grasped the concept. Suddenly, however, the idea of trustless money was absolutely fascinating to me. One day in July 2017 I accidentally stumbled upon IOTA. Promising infinite scalability and zero fees, at first look I considered it just another scam coin. So I thought to myself: why not read the whitepaper – just for the giggles, of course. But as I did, I realized how genius the approach is, and how far superior it would be to traditional blockchains if it worked as intended.

Could you explain briefly what Qubic is?


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