Publishing data in IOTA Tangle with OutSystems

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A simple enterprise demo application using the most promised and future production-ready DLT.

Part 1— The Concepts

If you have been following tech, banking, investing, or cryptocurrency over the last ten years, you may be familiar with “blockchain,” the record-keeping technology behind the Bitcoin network. — Investopedia

The use case for Bitcoin we already know, is a engineered money, The Internet Money, and the technology at its heart and other virtual currencies is blockchain. The blockchain has given us “the ability for two parties to interact without an middleman”, and that’s exactly when things start to get fascinating and other use cases besides just “Internet money” arise.

Use cases where trust is guaranteed by algorithms, cryptography, transparency and a decentralized, secure and fast network, provide a whole euphoria as more people can rely on the efforts of others without trusting them personally, the entire network of possible economic interaction grows exponentially.

I can give you a nice exemple: 600 Billion Reasons Why — creating a circular economy for paper cups with DLT and IOTA.

Great, let’s start building something using blockchain, there are many companies and ideas that fit into this new world and we, as developers, can start now, right? The short answer is yes! But the long answer can make you a little skeptical, let’s understand why.

Which blockchain to choose to start? … What? Is there more than one? Why not use Bitcoin itself? See, for our use case here, which is to create applications that will integrate with a decentralized technology, we need some resources. The Bitcoin blockchain does not yet have these skills (not a bad thing, okay?), Which is why most developers are using different blockchain to achieve this goal.

Today we have thousands of Bitcoin copy and paste projects, all trying to achieve things that they think are missing from the Bitcoin protocol (faster, feeles, anonymously, microtransactions, Smart Contracts and etc …). The most relevant of them is Ethereum:

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The full article was originally published by José Carmo on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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