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IOTA MAM Ultra Lite

Lightest Masked Authenticated Messaging protocol for IOTA Inspired by MAM Lite protocol, a light-weight alternative to MAM streams in IOTA, written by Samuel Rufinatscha I decided to re-implement it in Python. Doing so I stumbled into a…

5 things to know when building on IOTA

Here are a few lessons learned while working on IOTA for the past 4 months. 1. Attaching addresses to Tangle A new address can be generated using getNewAddress API method. The libraries/API do not attach the address to the Tangle…

Bytes (alpha version): Debrief

Bytes — Alpha Version Debrief Further to the teaser we published in our telegram group, here is a full debrief of our progress developing Bytes, with a small demo, a compilation of lessons learnt and a prediction of what is to come next.…

Trinity Desktop Beta Release

The Trinity Desktop wallet has been released as a beta version by the IOTA Foundation.Following on from the favourable release of the Trinity Mobile wallet, this new version has been optimised for desktop usage but retaining familiar…

The IOTA Report Card

The going rate for IOTA tokens, which originally started as a hardware project, is subject to market forces along with every other commodity on the planet. The public’s awareness of the project seemed to coincide with the climax of the…

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