Run your own IOTA Full & ICT Nodes in Azure

We want to help with enterprise mass adoption… Connect your IoT device to the Tangle, explore fee-less micro transactions and the use of MAM, support the evergrowing Peer-to-Peer IOTA network. Baby steps into the world of IOTA, soon-to-be the backbone of the IoT.

Deploy your own IOTA Full Node in Azure

If you are a developer or wish to pursue a more in-depth understanding of IOTA’s Tangle, then we advise you to join the IOTA Discord #fullnodes channel. You will find there an extremely supportive dev community that will answer all your questions and guide you through a much more advanced Full Node setup process.

If you are not using Azure already, then open a free account today and deploy your own IOTA Full Node, courtesy of Ariwonto. Take advantage of the US$200 credit to setup your own Azure Virtual Machine (VM) and begin exploring IoT and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) at its finest!

Begin your journey into the future:

Once in the Azure portal, search for IOTA Full Node and then select the option from the list.

Click the ‘Create’ button

Begin setting up your VM by filling out the ‘Basics’ section. Note that by default the subscription is set up as a ‘Free Evaluation’.

Finally, click the ‘Review + create’ button.

Go over the ‘Review + create’ section and then click the ‘Create’ button.

Click on the ‘Go to resource’ button.

Click ‘Connect’ for the ‘Connect to virtual machine’ window to pop up. You’ll see your Public IP address, as well as your login information. Make sure to copy this field (blue button on the right). You’ll need to paste this login info next.

Search for and open Windows PowerShell App. Use your Start menu to easily find it by typing ‘PowerShell’.

Paste the Login info you previously copied (i.e. SH xxxx@, and press ENTER.

Key in your Azure’s account user password.


Type: menu and press ENTER.

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