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We built a home for Lumis and friends!

Even though Lumis are adventurers and will probably be found in many ecosystems in the future, they are still deeply rooted into their beloved ShimmerSea where they have found many Lumi Friends through various events over the past year! Lumis love art and craftsmanship, but also value utility and functionality. It makes perfect sense to have a home where Lumis can not only be collected and traded, but also directly access their utility in the DeFi world! ShimmerSea’s NFT Marketplace combines both of these aspects, making it the perfect solution for their new home.

But of course, the Lumis are an open community, welcoming friends to join! The Marketplace will be open for other NFT projects as well. ShimmerSea being a DEX first, the NFT Marketplace complements the offering of the protocol. NFT projects will be able to directly use the DEX functionalities of ShimmerSea to bring utility to their NFTs:

  • Launch your NFT collection
  • Distribute rewards to NFT holders through custom staking pools
  • Do a Liquidity Fair Launch event of your token with NFT restricted access
  • Gain visibility to a wide community
  • More to be shared soon

Just as the ShimmerSea DEX, the NFT Marketplace will be entirely deployed on the Shimmer EVM, layer 2. This means that the marketplace is leveraging the full capabilities of Smart Contracts from day one, and thus, without the vulnerabilities of semi-centralized solutions: No custody of NFTs or Tokens, no middleman, no Web 2.0. backend…

Our ShimmerSea DEX is finished and audited twice, but as promised, the TangleSea Core Team is continuing to build! We are now using the time until the Shimmer EVM launch to expand and refine the protocol. We do not rest and we do not slow down! We double down on our promise to the community and our vision for the ShimmerSea ecosystem!

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