The Blockchain Network

In the future, millions of networked machines must communicate and act securely.A promising approach here for third-generation blockchain technology. thereset to a distributed, decentralized data structure that transparently,stored chronologically and unchangeable in a network.

Data becomes the new oil of the future as a result of the increasing digitization of production processes. In order to identify and process these, the Vision Industrie 4.0 and the IoT offer untapped potential. At the same time, this opportunity faces considerable risks in terms of IT security and data protection. Because the communication and interaction of millions or even billions of networked machines and sensors also offers an enormous attack surface and a wide variety of entry points for hackers. What is needed is a secure base technology, which regulates the communication of various IoT devices.

The DAG principle

A promising approach here is the third-generation blockchain technology. It is not a blockchain at all, but a so-called directed acyclic graph (DAG) that uses only the positive blockchain principles. The DAG principle relies on a distributed, decentralized data structure that stores transactions transparently, chronologically, unchangeable and quantum-computer-resistant in a network. Above all, it is decisive that the DAG, in contrast to previous blockchain models, manages without transaction fees, is partition-tolerant and theoretically infinitely scalable.

IOTA follows the approach that the network (all nodes worldwide) does not need to synchronize and store the entire database. Thus, the ‘construction’ of smaller, in addition to the Main-DAG existing, side DAGs possible – and even without Internet connection.

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