The FUJITSU Digital Transformation Center Munich brings co-creation to Germany

The FUJITSU Digital Transformation Center Munich is the first platform for international co-creation outside of Japan. But what can co-creation do and how does it work in the new center? We attended the opening and talked to the Fujitsu experts and co-creation workshop participants about the many opportunities for creative , interdisciplinary collaboration .

Co-creation in the digital transformation

Duncan Tait, CEO, SEVP Head of America and EMEIA  at Fujitsu, talks about digital transformation and the opportunities of co-creation for a successful future in the digital age:

Dr. Rolf Werner, CEO of Germany and Head of Central Europe at Fujitsu, explains how the Digital Transformation Center supports companies in digitization:

Jo Box, Business Director, UK & I Innovation at Fujitsu, gives us some examples of the successful results of co-creation workshops:

Lars Vogel, Head of Digital Transformation at T-Systems Multi Media Solutions, told us about his experiences in the co-creation workshop:

Thomas Remmel, Director Organization & IT at Deutsche Leasing, tells us what he has taken from the co-creation workshop:

With co-creation to success

Co-creation can make a difference when it comes to mastering new challenges such as digital transformation .

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