The Sands of Time: Part I

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This is part I in a series of pieces attempting to dig up chunks of history and relate those chunks to the present IOTA experience. Expect the first few parts of the series to lay fairly rigorous groundwork in order to enable proper payoff of later pieces in the series.

As they say, you must study history to know the future. Or whatever it is they say. There are any number of “study history because of xyz” quotes to choose from, but Seth Godin might be one of the few who have gotten straight to the core of the present predicament.

We’re entering a revolution of ideas while producing a generation that wants instructions instead. –Seth Godin

Information is coming at us like never before. It’s too easy to waste an hour scrolling through social media, watching a tv show, or reading a news article on the latest trend/outrage. Every pundit has an opinion in this revolution, nay, war, and we media consumers are willingly pulled in every direction.

When we finally peer up and exit our trance, we realize there remains an infinite ocean of information, opinions, and ideas to sift through. Endless entertainment, facts, gossip, and everything else 24/7 at the tip of our fingers. In a time like this, maybe it’s best to take a step back and ponder information that’s more Lindy.

Nothing is more Lindy than history itself.

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The full article was originally published by HelloIOTA, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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