The Tangle Bay: Week #1 Update

The full article was originally published by Rafael Rohden on Medium. Read the full article here.

Last week I published an article about the launch of a new platform called “The Tangle Bay”. To my surprise, the IOTA community reacted very positive on the project, including the IOTA co-founder Dominik Schiener along others from the community.

In this post I will try to explain how the platform works and how it will benefit both the user and the IOTA ecosystem.

The Tangle Bay will first focus on three major categories; Stores, Events and Jobs. Here’s why:

Stores: Recently I’ve conducted a poll on Twitter asking IOTA users if they are willing to spend their IOTA on merchandise and services if available. Out of 144 voters, 65% of them voted Yes, that indeed they would spend their IOTA on merchandise and services. The problem we face is that we currently cannot find a reliable place to find these stores, The Tangle Bay will help sold this problem.

Events: Have you ever wished you could find all upcoming events related to IOTA? Well, me too! I love the tech and would also love to get together with community fellows to share ideas and possibly build something together. Listing an event on TTB is easy, and it even offers a countdown to the exact time the event starts!

Jobs: Did you ever browsed the #devsforhire channel on discord? While this helps, it is frustrating having to scroll through comments or even wait hours for a reply on your request. TTB will also solve this issue, by organizing and facilitating the discovery of your job listings.

Some of the features available on The Tangle Bay

  • Easy sign up — Sign up via email or by using the Google Sign-in function. No long forms or confirmations needed.
  • Step-by-step listing process— An user-friendly listing process makes it a breeze to list your store, event or job offer.
  • User dashboard — Every user has their own dashboard with analytics, list of listings and more.
  • Claim listing feature — You can add any store you want, or maybe someone else adds yours, and that’s okay! With the Claim listing feature you can take over the ownership listing upon verification and edit it or remove it.


How will The Tangle Bay make a difference in the Commerce sector of the IOTA Ecosystem?

The Tangle Bay will bring store owners, event creators and company leaders together with the IOTA community by offering a platform where everyone can be part and take advantage of.

How does The Tangle Bay feel about other platforms with a similar approach?

We are here to bring the community together, and not separate it. Other platforms are available for anyone to use, and we actually encourage the use of them. However, the problem with directory or listing websites is that, the more websites available, the weaker one platform gets. If we could all come together and create one single platform, and concentrate on it, we believe that it is ultimately more beneficial at the end since it would bring everyone’s attention to one place, instead of multiple.

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The full article was originally published by Rafael Rohden on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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