Trinity Desktop 0.3.4 released

Changelog 0.3.4

  • New: Drag&drop seed text support

  • Update: Trigger 2fa verification once necessary code string length is reached

  • Update: Seed in memory format update

  • Update: Adjusted auto promotion timing

  • Fix: Reattach only if transaction falls below max depth

  • Fix: Mixed filled and empty paper wallet templates

  • Fix: Resizing wallet window using top corners not working on Windows

  • Update: Adds address local spend status (cannot be overridden)

  • Fix: Fixes incorrect value displayed for exchange/field bundles (requires manual sync)

  • Fix: Garbled messages in transaction history (requires manual sync)

  • Fix: Invalid reversed bundle bug

  • Update: New translations

Edit: 0.3.5 hotfix released. Download it here:

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