Trinity Desktop 0.4.3 released – Please ensure you update

Trinity Desktop 0.4.3 has been released. This build contains critical Windows and Electron updates.


Important: If you printed a seed with Trinity Desktop we recommend moving your funds to a new seed. An Electron bug may have left a file containing the seed when printing a paper wallet. The bug is fixed when you update to version 0.4.3 and the file is deleted with any Trinity update. But it is good security practice to create a new seed.

0.4.3 Changelog

– Adds a setting to ignore system proxy – fixes a bug preventing login for some users

– Fixes residual files left when printing paper wallet

– Displays an alert if there is an update and forces critical updates

This release contains a fix for Windows 7 network issues. If you were encountering Node connection errors on login, update to 0.4.3, go to Trinity -> “Advanced Settings” and disable the “Use system proxy” setting.

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