Trinity Mobile 0.3.0 is out

OS: Simply head to the TestFlight app and update Trinity. Android: Should update automatically. Trinity Version 0.3.0 (12) Changelog

Significant changes

- New: Store trytes when a transaction fails after inputs have been signed, with option to manually retry transaction -> overcomes risk of malicious node double spend attack
- New: Add ability to share QR codes -> simply tap the QR
- New: Add new paper wallet on iOS
- Updated: Temporarily disable print paper wallet on Android (awaiting security improvements)
- New: Add new seed display component when writing seed down
- New: Add ability to print a blank paper wallet when writing seed down
- Updated: Allow manual retry of 0 value transactions
- Updated: Add manual retry to standard mode
- Updated: Enable auto-promotion by default
- Updated: Adjust sync on initial load -> should pick up all addresses and full history in all but the very rarest of edge cases 
- Updated: Block entry of non A-Z9 chars on seed and address text inputs
- New: Add QR scan to seed reentry page during setup
- Updated: General UI cleanup - icon size, component width, spacing etc.
- Updated: Refine bundle storage to avoid memory reset with large bundles -> Field donation seeds will now work fine
- Updated: Ensure seed is hidden from the minimised thumbnail on all screens where seed is displayed
- New: Block screen capture on all screens where seed is displayed on Android
- New: Add ability to copy messages
- New: Adds adaptive icons on Android
- New: Hide balance when receive address QR is displayed
- Fixed: Fix network connectivity check for Chinese users 

Minor changes or bug fixes

– Updated: Add greater translation coverage
– Updated: Reduce sensitivity of node health check
– Updated: Update checksum display and add information modal on press
– Fixed: Ensure all text inputs use appropriate keyboard type
– Updated: Refine alerts when entering/confirming seeds manually or via QR
– Updated: Refine alerts when user has pending transactions or funds at spent addresses
– Fixed: Ensure screen stays awake when snapshot transitioning
– Fixed: Fix residual black arrow when navigating back from print on Android
– Fixed: Fix text letter cut-off on mode selection/PoW settings
– Fixed: Ensure correct IOTA logo is used
– Fixed: Ensure Android modal backdrop covers full screen
– Updated: Move root detection to ‘Do you need to create a seed’ page
– Updated: Remove welcome page
– Fixed: Fix light theme button text colour
– Fixed: Only allow user to save node when a new node is selected
– Fixed: Dynamically update list of available currencies -> should fix issue where all currencies return dollar conversion
– Fixed: Only display clipboard clear alert if seed is detected in clipboard
– Updated: Increase login timeout node change option to 15s
– Updated: Disable UI flip when system language is right-to-left on Android
– Updated: Change text input cursor colour
– Other minor UI fixes

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