Trinity Wallet Update – 11th June

With the launch of Mobile beta it makes sense to change the format of the weekly update. I’ll give a general summary of what the team has been working on over the last week.

On mobile, attention has been on mitigating any pressing issues identified since beta release and finalising the remaining changes for the UI overhaul. Beta testers highlighted a number of minor security/privacy concerns; including the ability to screenshot seeds, failure to hide seeds from the app thumbnail when minimised and failure to hide balance when displaying the QR code on the Receive page. Each of these has since been mitigated. Testers voiced their confusion over the formatting mismatch between the ways seeds are displayed in app and in the paper wallet. On the ‘Write Seed Down’ page, the seed grid has now been replaced with a picker wheel that matches the formatting of the paper wallet.

A number of testers experienced an issue where the app memory would reset. The common denominator between these users was their use of a Field donation seed on an Android device. There is a fixed maximum database entry size on Android and the large bundles for Field payouts were exceeding this size. This was resolved by setting an upper limit on the number of stored outputs per bundle, to complement the existing lightweight bundle-storage structure.

Some changes have been made to syncing full address history on initial load. Previously, Trinity would search for a gap in addresses without any associated transactions. Now it will also check spend status and balance and thereby ensure that it picks up the complete balance/address history in all but the rarest of edge cases. Other completed tasks include blocking non A-Z9 chars from seed and address entry, adding QR scan to the seed re-entry page during setup, adding the ability to share QR codes, and a number of visual and operational bug fixes.

With Trinity Desktop, attention has been focused on fixing any outstanding bugs and ensuring the desktop version is synced up with Trinity Mobile. This means making sure the full feature-set has been implemented, while maintaining consistency between the UI and strings on both versions. Features added include manual promotion/rebroadcast, expert mode, and auto-promotion settings. In fact, Trinity Desktop has gone beyond the mobile version in some areas, and includes some features yet to be added on mobile. For example, a comprehensive transaction history search and filter function and password strength system/guide have recently been added on desktop.

Hopefully you’re enjoying using Trinity Mobile. We’re looking forward to sharing the desktop version with everyone soon. If you have any questions then feel free to ask away in #trinity-discussion on Discord.

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