Trinity Wallet Update – 14th May

Here’s this week’s update:


  • Fixed: English displayed when Czech language is selected

  • Updated: New translations strings

  • Updated: Theme colours and additional element styles

  • Fixed: Language label showing as English for Thai, Lithuanian and Estonian


  • New: Display alert when there is no internet connection

  • New: Replace Android share function (used when backing up seed) with a custom share module removing copy to clipboard in favour of direct linking to a password manager -> clipboard copy is insecure on Android

  • Fixed: Miscategorisation of transfers as sent/received

  • Updated: Change how app responds visually when placed in the background

  • Updated: Change UI when validating fingerprint on send on iOS

  • Updated: Improve manual promotion UX e.g. display activity spinner when a transaction is being promoted/reattached

  • Updated: Always use a fresh remainder address, even when sending to yourself

  • New: Add confirmation/information page before View Seed

  • Fixed: Missing transaction bug

  • Fixed: Adjust theme selection font size/weight

  • Fixed: Button design on light themes

  • Fixed: Status bar colour on lock screen on light themes

  • Fixed: Fix status bar colour on QR Scanner on light themes

  • New: Add pull-down refresh to balance page

  • Updated: Make transaction modals scrollable only above a certain height

  • Updated: Disable notification log in standard mode

  • Fixed: Account name visual bug when keyboard hides on iOS

  • Updated: Show loading spinner when using pull-down-refresh while already fetching account info (instead of alert)

  • Updated: Sync account before manual promotion/rebroadcast and display an alert if already confirmed

  • Updated: Disable transaction modals when history is being refreshed

  • Updated: Adjust copy to password manager strings

  • Updated: Add manual promotion errors to notification log

  • Updated: Increase polling frequency

  • Fixed: Fix incorrect categorisation of sent/received 0 value transfers

  • Fixed: Set a max width on account name display -> avoid visual bugs

  • Fixed: Make topbar scrollable when its height exceeds page length

  • Fixed: Reduce history modal max height to give more room to close them

  • Fixed: Left justify all info box text

  • Fixed: Change time to 24h throughout

  • Fixed: Print seed and copy clipboard confirmation modal visual bug


  • New: Add manual snapshot transition function

  • New: Add password strength estimation during setup

  • Updated: General wallet setup layout update

  • Updated: General wallet dashboard layout update

  • Updated: Add frameless window style on Windows

  • New: Step-by-step seed manual copy (write down) view

  • Fixed: Many other UI fixes and adjustments

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