Trinity Wallet Update – 7th May

Here’s this week’s update.


New: Support for Argentinian Peso
New: Change font from Lato to SourceSansPro
New: Add remote node list with fallback in case of failure
Updated: Add additional translation strings
Updated: Greater test coverage
Updated: Refine theming colours


New: Add new PoW native module on iOS -> big speed improvements (often 10-15s on iPhone 7 Plus)
New: Add attachToTangle unavailable error to snapshot transition
New: Add confirmation/information modal before printing seed
New: Add confirmation/information modal before copying seed to password manager
New: Add About page to settings
Updated: Update topbar account switching UI
Updated: Ensure clipboard is cleared at every point a seed is pasted
Updated: Update seed generation page UI and add information modal for ‘What is a seed?’
Updated: Reorder main settings and move change password to security settings
Updated: Change info box design on light themes
Updated: Change button design on light themes
Updated: Display an Activity Indicator when a custom node is being checked
Fixed: Fix crashes associated with root detection
Fixed: Ensure topbar closes when tapping on Settings page
Fixed: Do not allow changing nodes when a transaction is being sent
Fixed: Close topbar when opening a modal
Fixed: Do not make node requests containing invalid bundles
Fixed: Autocapitalise seed when adding additional account
Fixed: Generate alert on root detection if Play Store isn’t available
Fixed: Empty custom node field error not functioning correctly
Fixed: Prevent custom node field from being editable while checking custom node


Desktop is currently undergoing a major UI/UX update
The current Trinity design was the product of back and forth between Navin and the others working on the project. Fairly recently, a very talented designer (Andrew Brough) joined the team.
Following release, Mobile will undergo a similar update for a public beta version 0.1.X
Update on Mobile Audit

Build with security fixes submitted for audit. Expected time frame = 7-10 days

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