Trinity Wallet Update – 9th April

Here’s this week’s breakdown of the work completed by the Trinity team.


Added: Greater translation support
Updated: Restructure bundle storage -> making it more lightweight
Fixed: Crashes when adding seeds with huge bundles in their history
Updated: Exception handling when fetching chart data


Added: Android native address generation -> will lead to marked improvements in speed on initial load, sync and address gen
Added: Official iOS native address generation -> will lead to slight improvements in speed on initial load, sync and address gen
Added: Deep linking -> pre-fill wallet send page with address, amount and message by opening a link
Updated: Use native address generation when transitioning for a snapshot
Fixed: Black background on inactivity logout screen
Fixed: Send max functionality when user has funds at spent addresses -> only include funds not at spent addresses in max total
Added: Custom node selection on login page
Fixed: Crash when adding custom node
Updated: Increased maximum local storage size on Android
Fixed: Keyboard responsiveness bug on inactivity logout on iOS
Updated: Increased inactivity logout timer to 5 minutes
Added: Informational modal when a user attempts to spend from a used address
Updated: Don’t reset settings page on tab switch while syncing/transitioning
Other minor UI fixes


Added: Background polling -> fetches transaction data, market data and auto-promotes without need for user action
Updated: Encrypted seed storage now also uses keychain on mac, Credential Vault on Windows and libsceret on linux -> providing two layers of encryption
Updated: Hash password when storing in state
Added: Option to change wallet inactivity lock time-out in Advanced settings
Updated: Remove password wall from overall account settings -> instead add to individual settings (view seed, edit account name etc.)
Added: Only display a single transaction in history -> remove reattachments
Added: Auto focus on text input fields
Updated: Transaction history UI
Added: Convert market cap and volume to user’s selected currency
Fixed: Seed validation broken during setup
Fixed: Broken flow when disabling Two Factor Auth
Fixed: Clipboard clearing at the wrong point during setup when entering an existing seed
Fixed: Node settings hanging forever when an invalid node address is provided
Fixed: History showing incorrect items for selected filter (sent, received, pending)
Fixed: Empty account name breaking wallet
Fixed: Send value conversion not working as intended
Fixed: Some elements in dark theme being unreadable
Lots of smaller bugs, typos and features fixed

A selection of tasks on the TODO list:

Add ability to remove custom nodes
Add another page before saving the seed reiterating the importance of keeping your seed safe
Add manual sync function to desktop -> cleans up wallet state
Fix Android splash screen issue
Various minor bug fixes

The development of supporting IOTA Tokens on the Ledger Nano Hardware Wallets has progressed very far and IOTA will be able to be stored and managed on the IOTA Hardware Wallet.

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