Veolia Entrusts Ledger to Equip Water Sensors with Leading Security Technology

Working with Veolia subsidiary Birdz, Ledger to provide technology that ensures the authenticity of drinkable water collection data.

Ledger, a global leader in security and infrastructure solutions for blockchain-based applications and connected devices, today announced that they will be working with the global utilities company Veolia to equip the company’s water sensors with Ledger’s industry leading security technology. Through this partnership, Ledger’s IoT business unit will be working closely with Veolia subsidiary Birdz, a pioneer in remote water consumption metering.

By joining forces, Ledger will embed its specialized microchip (a certified EAL5+ Secure Element) and its unique secure operating system (BOLOS), directly into Birdz’s water sensors, ensuring the accuracy of collected data. Ledger’s Secure Element will be used to sign and encrypt all collected data before it is sent into the cloud and registered into the IOTA blockchain.

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