Welcome Martyn Janes to IOTA Foundation

The full article was originally published by David Sønstebø on Medium. Read the full article here.

Martyn Janes is a seasoned developer with more than 25 years of experience. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computing and a Masters degree in Interactive Computing System Design (Human Computer Interaction) from Loughborough University, UK. He joins IOTA as Software Engineer — Industry Streams.

He truly is the definition of a full stack developer, who has spanned the gamut developing on everything from embedded controllers, back-end services, through to web, mobile, and desktop front-ends.

Martyn is a polyglot coder, adept in C, C++, C#, JavaScript, and TypeScript among others.

He has founded several start-ups, shipping millions of units of software. Additionally, he has been an architect and team lead on multiple projects in a diverse range of industries:

  • Utilities (gas/electricity)
  • Financial trading systems for multiple FTSE 100 banks
  • Document management, clustering and search
  • Accounting
  • Home automation with embedded controllers
  • Signal analysis, data capture and processing

Some say his knowledge of technology borders on the encyclopedic, however, he always has time to share his wisdom with others. The fruits of which can be seen in the multiple Open Source projects Martyn has created and contributed to.

On joining IOTA

I first heard of IOTA at a time when crypto-currencies had ICOs appearing what seemed liked daily. As with all of them I approached IOTA with a healthy skepticism. I developed more of an interest when I saw that it was not purely driven by price, but had a more interesting underlying technology. Having worked on automation projects in the past, I could see the huge potential benefits that IOTA offered in terms of M2M transactions.

I feel incredibly lucky to join a project that already has many brilliant minds involved, both inside the IF and in the larger community. As a developer I am excited to get involved at a stage where there is still so much to achieve, the possibilities are endless.

Martyn has worked as a developer in a diverse range of industries and has already contributed to IOTA as the developer behind the Ecosystem Grant/Donation Tracker. We look forward to adding his invaluable expertise into our flourishing development team. Please give Martyn a warm welcome.

The full article was originally published by David Sønstebø on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story. Read the full article here.

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