Why IOTA is a superior technology

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There are currently a number of very promising projects that focus on IOTA and the Tangle. Many of these projects are combined in the Tangle Universe. I would like to introduce you to four of these projects in more detail.

The projects are:

  • The M2M Prototype by Akita
  • The Supply Chain Project WZL x GCX x IOTA of the RWTH-Aachen
  • The ProductID-based solution for supply chain by thingsLab
  • The lidbot smart waste bin

The IOTA M2M Prototype by Aktia

The applications, business models and new ways of interaction between human and machine and also machine-to-machine (M2M) could change in tremendous ways, but searching the web for any real experience in this field or actual products will leave you disappointed. So there is a need to build a tangible prototype:

1. One of the first steps would be to take a few machines like 2 industry robots and provide them with a dedicated machine wallet.

2. The robots would need energy to work and provide services (packing, laser cutting, 3D printing, transporting, etc.) So we also needed the energy provider or source to have dedicated wallets. This would allow each energy source to sell its energy directly M2M to any robot

3. Aktia integrate the government and also provide them with a machine wallet. This would enable automated, real time energy tax payment with each transaction done within the machine economy.

4. The infrastructure was chosen to be IOTA Tangle mainly due to the current main benefits over blockchain powered DLTs which are: To Use the main net for value and non-value transactions without any mining or transaction costs. In addition the DAG structure promises scalability which is absolutely necessary for the further real world adoption beyond Use Cases, PoCs and prototypes.

5. Last but not least, we as humans, we still want to see whats going on inside the machine economy and we would want to buy services. Therefore we will have regular human controlled wallets and a dashboard to control and overlook operations as well.

This is the current, modular scope of the M2M prototype project which is set with major milestones to continue in iterations until the end of 2020. During the project is highly likely that Akita is going to extend this prototype and involve different types of machines and see how they can interact with each other also on a larger scale.

Akita, is one of the 20 shortlisted start-ups selected out of 700 to be a part of the Smart Dubai Blockchain Challenge, using IOTA technology.

Fineblanking with IOTA at the WZL in Aachen

Specifically, the WZL of RWTH Aachen University is currently working on the application of a fineblanking machine. In fineblanking, firstly the metal is decoiled from a sheet metal coil. Afterwards, the decoiled material is fed into a straightening system, where the sheet is flattened. A fineblanking press then processes the flattened material. Up to four parts a seconds are cut-out from the flattened material. Fineblanking is very suited for mass production of security-critical components, such as brake carriers. The goal is that all parts are identical. However, this is not the case, since uncertainties in the material, the process, or even the surrounding area result in different die-rolls and clean-cuts. However, since all parts have to be identical at the end, it requires expensive post-processing steps, which one ideally wants to avoid. Engineers have tried to describe these relationships in formulas of certain process parameters, but they contain constants that have to be determined experimentally. Therefore, the approach is to capture as much data as possible from the process and to combine physical-based and data-driven approaches for the first time in fineblanking.


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The full article was originally published by Markus on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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