World premiere at the IAA 2019 EDAG CityBot with IOTA micro-payment solution

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A fully autonomous transport and working vehicle to make city gridlocks a thing of the past and open up new business models

Wiesbaden, 20.08.2019 – tomorrow now! This is the motto of the 50th anniversary of the EDAG Group in 2019. At the IAA, the EDAG Group will be hosting the world premiere of the “EDAG CityBot” concept car – a fully autonomous, networked robot vehicle which, with its numerous trailer and rucksack modules, is capable of handling any transport and work situations in urban areas, and is also in motion 24/7.“The city of the future must become clean, safe, worth living in, friendly, quiet and smart,” says Cosimo De Carlo, CEO of the EDAG Group. “For the EDAG CityBot, we combined our engineering competencies from the Vehicle Engineering, Electrics/Electronics und Production Solutions segments: this makes the EDAG CityBot much more than just a design study: it really is a game changer, a mobility concept with its own ecosystem.”  Apart from the EDAG CityBot, the world’s largest independent development service provider will also be showing ten innovations from the fields of digitalisation, networking, lightweight design and eMobility on its Walk of Innovations in Frankfurt.

Multi-mode mobility concept

The EDAG CityBot is a multi-functional, fully autonomous robot vehicle with swarm intelligence, which is powered by an emission-free fuel cell drive. Thanks to its modularity and multi-functionality, the EDAG CityBot can be operated around the clock and, according to requirements, configured as a passenger cell, cargo carrier or city cleaning device by fitting add-on modules . An intelligent alternative to individual transport, and one that makes clever use of autonomous driving for various applications in urban mobility.

In conjunction with the platform technology for the Internet of Things and, for example, the digital micro-payment solutions of EDAG partner IOTA, the EDAG CityBot offers not only new, autonomous transport and working vehicles, but also possible new business models. This is what essentially sets the EDAG CityBot apart from other known autonomous vehicle concepts for the city of the future. The concept is targeted at all mobility actors in the new ecosystem: OEMs, city architects and planners, infrastructure organisations, traffic, waste disposal and transport companies, municipal facilities and logisticians. In the future, city dwellers will enjoy stress-free, congestion-free mobility, and be able to live in a zero-emission city. The EDAG CityBot will be displayed at the IAA with the module of a lounge-like passenger transporter – just one example of a number of possible uses it can be put to in urban areas.

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