Industrial IOTA Lab Aachen: Where fineblanking meets blockchain

Bitcoin is probably the best known implementation of a blockchain technology. However, blockchain is about much more than digital currency: It’s about guaranteeing confidence in data, ensuring the immutability of data, and resource-saving, localized storage systems and networks. All three properties will allow data to be handled like commercial goods in the future, perhaps even independently between the specific processing machines. Exploring this step was the aim behind the establishment of the Industrial IOTA Lab Aachen (IILA) at RWTH Aachen’s Laboratory for Machine Tools and Production Engineering (Werkzeugmaschinenlabor, WZL). IOTA is a technology similar to blockchain, but it works without blocks and without a chain. The Director of the IILA, Dr. Daniel Trauth, outlines the advantages of this new technology.

The Industrial IOTA Lab Aachen

The Industrial IOTA Lab Aachen is the name of a pilot project at the WZL of RWTH Aachen University. It is part of the established digitization strategy at the WZL, which hosted, among other things, the Industrial Internet of Things Hackathon in January 2017, in which Feintool was involved as a sponsor ((Verlinkung ). The IILA serves as a safe space with an error culture that is practiced explicitly, in which young technologies and risky feasibility studies prompted by the university’s day-to-day research and project work can be explored and implemented. It was established to challenge classic project management structures and address future-oriented questions in interdisciplinary teams. It thus offers academic assistants, graduate students, PhD students and industry representatives an informal platform for artificial intelligence, industrial Internet of Things, Internet of Production, machine communication and machine economics, in each case relating to industrial questions of production technology. For this purpose, the WZL provides a range of equipment for use at its location in Rotter Bruch, see video.

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