IOTA product development and management Update

Jakub Cech:

To update you guys on what we’ve been up to. The last two weeks, we’ve been mainly working on code documentation. We’ve had quite a bit of debt on that side and wanted to do one sweep to address the most important parts of the code. This helps us a lot with maintainability, and should help anyone interested in the reference implementation understand what’s happening in the code. Or grasp some of the design choices that have been made. We’re still finishing up some of the reviews.

This week, we’re also starting to test local snapshots internally, and we’ll be asking you for feedback on the builds soon. Thanks to everyone who signed up for the testing btw.! We’ll be rolling out a build externally once we’ve done some basic testing ourselves and then there will be parallel testing in IF and with the community. Looking forward to that.

Some other stuff that has been on the table for quite a while is now fixed too. Georg fixed the UDP peering issue, for example, so should make it to the next release as well. and new node syncing has been improved significantly by Alon

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