IOTA: What if…

The full article was originally published by Chris Mueller on Medium. Read the full article here.

IOTA has one of the biggest crypto-communities out there. So big that it had to swap from Slack to Discord because there were too many people trying to follow what was going on.

However, this also attracts the attention of people who are very critical of the new technology. And these people found refuge in the report about the alleged vulnerability in the IOTA code — even though all the claims were refuted by the IOTA foundation and there has neither been any line of code which prooves the validity of the claims nor was the fact addressed that funds had never been in danger because the attack vector relied on people giving away their seed.

Having this in mind- and I know this is hypothetical, but still- I would like to invite you to briefly think about:

What if…

… the alleged vulnerability is in fact made-up by people who might be caugt in a conflict of interest?

one of the most renowned cryptofirms on this planet confirmed in their security audit that IOTA is secure?

… the IOTA Foundation members and devs were right for defending their product?

… they had really managed to create something “out-of-the-box”, i.e. an “own crypto” which is secure, fast, scalable and free?

… it was true that the Foundation is working with the real big companies (with Volkswagen, Fujitsu and BOSCH being only a little part of the whole ecosystem), real universities, real cities (like Taipeh) and real banks (like Deutsche Bank)?

more keynotes of CEOs/CDOs like those of Fujitsu and Volkswagen followed?

… the these entities really adopted IOTA technology?

… the new homepage would soon give proof to all these partnerships?

… it is true that IOTA has managed to develop a cheap trinary hardware chip which could do the PoW for every single device you can think of and thus connecting everything we know to the IoT?

… due to the partnerships and the upcoming PoC’s and real-life adoption the transactions per second (TPS) would soar to 100–1000 TPS over the next weeks and months?

… all of the major exchanges added IOTA?

… it IOTA decoupled from Bitcoin’s price and gained access to real stock markets as a consequence of the working products and its legal status as foundation under German law?

Of course, it remains to be seen what the future holds. However, if the above-mentioned assumptions proved to be true…well, I guess you know what that would mean…

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DISCLAIMER: I am not part of the IOTA Foundation or linked in any other way. Views are my own. You should do your own research before making investments, especially with regard to crypto currencies.

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The full article was originally published by Chris Mueller on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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