The Deutsche Telekom will present digital solutions at the Hannover Messe!

At the Hanover Fair, our experts will welcome you in Hall 6, Stand F16 (Deutsche Telekom AG) from April 23 to 27, 2018 and present digital solutions in the areas of service, production and logistics.

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T-Systems Multimedia Solutions GmbH will be represented at the Hannover Messe 2018 at booth F16 of Deutsche Telekom AG in hall 6. Our experts offer personal advice on the three main topics: service, production and logistics in the context of Industry 4.0. Do not hesitate, book now your personal consultation at the Hannover Messe 2018.

Digital strategy and digital business models

What digitization means for your company and how you can approach digitalization strategically and develop it to a new business model will be discussed with our experts at the Hannover Messe.


An excellent service is an important differentiating feature for you? This is precisely where solution approaches in Industry 4.0 start. On the one hand, an efficient, digitized service brings cost advantages, spares resources and offers relief in the shortage of skilled workers. On the other hand, it offers you the opportunity to become a lucrative source of revenue as part of new business models.

  • Smart Field-Service
    An app for service technicians that can be used to optimize work in the field. Information relevant to the technician is sent directly to his smartphone. The technician saves important time and can provide better utilization.
  • Smart Maintenance AR
    A service technician is guided through the maintenance process on the control cabinet step by step using Augmented Reality (Hololens). He can follow the necessary steps live and if necessary select further tutorials or contact an expert.


The production as the heart of your company should run optimally. That means: inexpensive, time-saving, trouble-free, plannable and comprehensible. There are many interfaces where you can integrate digital innovations into your production process. Inquire about your personal options for optimization and raise your production unit to stand Industrie 4.0.

  • Data Analytics & Monitoring
    Employees have all current sensor data of a machine available via AR devices. Critical values ​​can be recognized immediately. Remote access allows you to change parameters. Standstill of the machines is reduced, the remote access facilitates adjustments of the machine.
  • Block Chain
    The production and packaging process is secured via blockchain technology, which guarantees the transparency and accuracy of the data. Blockchain technology combines security, high availability and cost savings.

  •  Smart Factory
    Visualize data about the factory using an intelligent dashboard or Digital Twins for early detection of smart analytics issues. Disagreements can be detected so early and major disruptions can be avoided.
  • Trouble-free IoT infrastructure
    This solution makes it possible to experience how to build software solutions from the sensor to the cloud and the user today. It shows how to properly select sensors, how to properly record requirements for an IoT cloud, and how to avoid disruption to operations.
  • Network Security
    Get an overview of security in your own network. Subsequent visualization of the communication patterns of industrial facilities for the identification of irregularities and the early detection of vulnerabilities.


According to experience, a logistics chain consists of many parties. And you will know the situation: many involved mean increased potential for error and difficult communication. Increased transparency in the logistics chain enables your company to view relevant data itself as needed and thus receive information tailored to your needs. The transparency of the data also allows a simple troubleshooting and ultimately leads to the avoidance of errors.

  • Smart Parking
    By collecting route data, downtimes and waiting times, the parking process can be optimized in highly frequented locations. The data is analyzed and from this optimization approaches for smart parking are derived.
  • Transparent truck logistics
    Equipment of all trailers with networked, intelligent telematics unit. Preparation and analysis of data and provision of information via web portal / mobile app. Due to the mobile access options, all relevant data can be retrieved at any time.
  • AI based automation
    Automating the inventory process through the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in object and image recognition. The object recognition algorithm on which the AI ​​is based is being continually expanded and trained to adapt to changing environmental conditions.

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