The Soonaverse Announces Their First Solution Partner

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Easy Access to Qualified Web3 Devs through Freeflow

Building in web3 is an ambitious endeavor and the Soonaverse wants to do everything it can to help projects in the space reach their full potential and grow the ecosystem. That’s why we’re excited to announce Freeflow, our first Solution Partner. Freeflow is a company that helps connect projects with talented creators and developers.

As part of the partnership, Freeflow will offer discounted services to all NF3 holders! An NF3 simply means that a user holds at least one Soonanaut NFT, one Artifact NFT, and one Alien NFT from the Soonaverse OG NF3 Set.

What is Freeflow?

Freeflow is the marketplace to hire vetted blockchain developers for web3 projects. Over 500 projects have used Freeflow to find the right talent for their needs! Through their service you can connect with talent, set up agreements, and use secure payment methods to ensure your projects run smoothly.

Freeflow’s Talent Network

Freeflow has curated a network of top and trusted web3 talent by vetting all applicants for skills, reputation, and identity:

  • Skills: All developers must pass a technical assessment process, including a video interview.
  • Reputation: Freeflow collects and verifies references from past projects.
  • Identity: All talent must have their identity verified through a KYC process.

How It Works

It’s simple! Here’s how the process works:

  1. Join Freeflow’s Discord server.
  2. There will be two new channels in the Soonaverse Discord. One for users with an NF3 and one for users without an NF3. Both will include links to join Freeflow’s Discord. If you join Freeflow’s Discord using the link provided in the NF3 gated channel, then you’ll receive 5% off your first project.
  3. Create a job description based on your needs.
  4. Receive curated profiles to choose from.
  5. Quickly connect and start building!

Note: To gain access to the NF3 gated Freeflow channel on the Soonaverse Discord, you need to hold all of the Soonaverse OG NFTs (NF3) and have your Discord handle noted in the Networking section of your Soonaverse member profile:

The Soonaverse is proud to empower builders in the ecosystem to build and create new innovations that utilize the IOTA and Shimmer networks. Having Freeflow as our first Solution Partner is an honor, and we look forward to sharing the other partners we have in the pipeline SOON.

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