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With the official launch of Hello IOTA finally upon us, let’s take a moment to elucidate the Hello IOTA vision, content structure, and next steps.

But first, who are we? We’re a group of dedicated, long-time IOTA community members who want to see IOTA succeed. While some of us founded iotasupport.com back in the early days, others have joined the team more recently. The commonality between everyone is the desire to provide quality information and content in the IOTA sphere.


A persistent problem in the IOTA ecosystem has been fragmentation of resources and scattered content. In an effort to resolve this fragmentation, we decided to build a platform that we would want to read every week ourselves – a platform with a variety of consistent weekly articles. From breaking news to deeper thought pieces, Hello IOTA will be the primary place to find high quality news and information in the IOTA ecosystem.

As focused as we are on producing high quality content, we’re equally concerned with providing a strong platform for the aggregation of community-sourced knowledge and long form communication. To that extent, the Hello IOTA forum will be actively monitored for users seeking assistance. We’re eager to grow the forum into fertile grounds for community interaction. Ultimately, the forum will provide the means for information posterity, without which we’d be left with only live chat and upvote-oriented platforms.


A feature article will be the centerpiece of weekly content. Posted each Sunday, features are meant to be an in-depth look at a detailed aspect of IOTA or the IOTA ecosystem.

Being a community website itself, Hello IOTA knows the importance of organic grassroots efforts in growing the ecosystem. We will prioritize shining the spotlight onto one community project per week to ensure that these valuable developers get the exposure they deserve.

Finally, news articles will cover everything from breaking news all the way to meta-concepts floating around in the IOTA community. We might even slip in a comic every now and then. You can expect multiple news articles to be published each week, with breaking news always reported in a timely fashion. Let us be the first place you click for IOTA news.

The style of our content production will be professional and informative, focused mostly on the technology behind IOTA. We have no interest in clickbait speculation or otherwise substance-devoid content, and pledge to give the reader our best in this regard. You’ll notice that the website has no advertisements, and this is only possible due to the generosity of the IOTA community in funding our efforts.

Next Steps

While we do already have a great team in place, there’s ample room for growth. Hello IOTA is seeking to hire more content creators. Whether you love to write, create videos, moderate forums, draw pictures, or record podcasts, we can’t wait to hear from you. Create content remotely and get paid to pursue your hobby, all while supporting the IOTA ecosystem. Visit our now hiring page for more information.

We’re only just getting our feet under us from a content perspective, so please bear with us as we ramp up production and quality. We can’t wait to have you along for the ride.

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The full article was originally published by HelloIOTA, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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