IOTA: How everyone can contribute

IOTA: How everyone can contribute

1. Developing

Although IOTA has achieved tremendous success and partnerships other projects would pant for, it is still in its infancy: the product is not yet market-ready (which, by the way, is the goal for late 2018) so there is still room to play around with it, find bugs or simply develop some great stuff for a whole new economy (what an opportunity!). A project like IOTA would be lost without developers contributing new ideas, products and also constructive criticism.

What can you do?

  • go to Discord and connect with people there
  • inform yourself there about technicalities (e.g. programming languages, whitepaper etc),
  • find help for your own project (e.g. #projects) or
  • join an existing team.
  • If you have an idea, you can visit IOTA’s partner for funding, the world-leading #1 for connecting founders and investors in order to come up with great products: F6S. Since IOTA is a grassroots movement it wants to support people who contribute something to the project also financially: a Community Ecosystem Fund containing millions of dollars was set up last year. Here you can apply for financial support for your project and the IOTA Foundation (especially John, IOTA’s Ecosystem Fund manager) will help you in realizing the project.

2. Networking

In case you work at a company which could make use of IOTA or if you know people who should get in contact with the Foundation, connect them! IOTA’s focus is the Internet of Things plus the Machine2Machine payments — maybe there are great partnerships out there which nobody knows yet!

In case you lack the technical details you may find these resources helpful:

If you are unsure about how to connect your partners with the Foundation head over to the Discord channels and ask the Foundation members or tell interested parties to get in contact with the Foundation by using this email adress:

By the way: the new IOTA homepage is not far away so people will find everything they need there.

3. Set up a node

IOTA does not have any central servers in order to operate, that’s why it is a decentralized network (in case you have heard about rumors about IOTA’s coordinator preventing IOTA from being truly decentralised, please read this). Not having servers hosted by Amazon or IBM means that the information needs to be stored in a decentralized way – these “mini-servers” are called nodes.

Everyone can set up a node and these nodes in turn help to stabilize the network by “checking” if the data contained in a transaction is valid: so the more nodes we have, the faster transactions can get verified and processed.

IOTA is aiming for a market which will have millions of transactions per minute so it needs a strong network of nodes. To be honest, I would not have been able to set up a node some months ago simply because it was too complicated for me. But it has become really easy to do this now:

  • If you are a beginner: You can basically use any computer in your house which is connected to the internet and simply run Roman Semko’s Boleroon it (it’s a 1-click procedure): click
  • If you are an advanced user, you might consider setting up a server as an IOTA Fullnode: Since most people do not have a spare computer lying around at home, you can rent a server from a company and put the IOTA software on it remotely: These servers are called Virtual Private Servers.In case you want to find out more about how to do this, @nuriel77’s IRI-Playbook is for you: click. VPS providers like Vultr usually take 5–8 dollars per month per server.
  • One community member has become a real boss in terms of setting up nodes and is really helpful in doing so: green-protocol. You may also ask him for assistance.

4. Raise awareness

Of course, the developers cannot do EVERYTHING on their own so it takes an active community to let others know about the status quo of the project. Everyone can participate in at least one of these ways:

  • Social Media: Retweet on Twitter and/or use Facebook to like IOTA news (from reliable sources, of course!) IOTA’s official twitter account is @iotatoken
  • Read and upvote good articles on Reddit (/r/Cryptocurrency or /r/IOTA)
  • Hit “ThumbsUp” for good Youtube videos
  • Leave a comment under articles in other media (most media are still focused on Bitcoin and it takes people to let them know that there’s is better stuff out there)
  • Spread the word among friends and family: again, people need to be informed about IOTA in order to prevent them from categorizing it as “yet another drug-financing-computer-project like Bitcoin”)
  • Ask your local newspapers, magazines etc. to write an article about disruptive technology like IOTA. As a first step you might give them the information mentioned above.

5. Correct the FUD

Actually, this also belongs to “3.Raise awareness”, but it makes sense to have it as an own bullet point.

Due to IOTA being a threat to many other crypto projects, FUD (Fear-Uncertainy-Doubt spread by IOTA haters) has become a real problem which has already cost a lot of the Foundation’s time and resources ultimately resulting in delays of the actual developments. I have written an article about this: click.

So in case you come across false accusations on Twitter, Facebook and the likes, please leave a comment there (ideally with a link that proves your point) so that others don’t have to just believe what they read or see.

If the community does not step up against obviously false information people will take this as the truth.

6. Conclusion

A project like IOTA can only succeed if people take part in it by contributing what they can. What you can do might not seem much, but working together as a community will make the difference in setting IOTA apart from all the pump-and-dump coins out there. Thank you for helping in this respect!

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