IOTA: In case you are waiting for Q…

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A single of the largest announcements which awaits the IOTA community is Q:


Several are thinking, whether Q will undoubtedly be released in Q1 2018. Recently, there were news (all the screenshots are extracted from Discord, IOTA’s major community channel, on March 15th 2018) since Davi Sonstebo, IOTA’s co-founder puts it:


Therefore here’s the bottom type of what David mentioned:

  • they are usually entering a new epoch this 30 days (i.e. March):
  • it’s the silence prior to the storm
  • they are usually hiring the very best talents
  • scalable construction in the Base
  • a lot more streamlined growth
  • Trinity wallet
  • new site
  • Hub IXI (which can make it easy for all of the exchanges to include IOTA)
  • they are usually innundated with far more requests than thexy may handle

Information regarding Q had been:

  • it’s not just a basic deployment
  • there is a “spectacular” method of announcing it with plenty of information
  • it isn’t important if it’s finish of March or even April (however the way he phrases it creates it very likely that it’ll happen then)
  • nothing has changed pertaining to the task/Q

So this all boils right down to the truth that IOTA is dealing with massive improvements: You hardly noticed the devs around within Discord the final weeks — now we realize why: THE BUILDING BLOCKS is restructured to adhere to legal requirements (Germany!) which will make it much more efficient.

Once it really is running on that degree, the new exchanges will enhance user numbers and the (however below NDA) partnerships will foster adoption. Understand that said on the job interview with Ivan that generally all of the big exchanges will checklist IOTA after the IXI Hub is working.

We don’t know what Q is — but we realize that it should be big.

Maybe we shall soon learn because Dominik, Co-founder of IOTA, will undoubtedly be using one of Germany’s most well-known late-night shows — millions will view this:

And CfB have not yet published his 1000th tweet which should be special (He could be IOTA’s CTO, who is aware of Q):


We cannot but wait around, but I guess you can find bright times ahead…


I wish you liked this brief update. You may even read my other articles.

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The full article was originally published by Chris Mueller on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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