Shimmer Genesis NFTs

Fortune Favors the Brave

The launch of a new token ecosystem rewards those the most that dare to be early and take on the risk of capturing new opportunities. Shimmer was founded for people that want to be among the first to start on a journey that is as challenging as it is rewarding: building an entire token economy from the ground up.

We officially unveiled Shimmer just days ago, and we’ve only just scratched the surface of its limitless potential. Now we want to work together with the community to accelerate its development and provide unique opportunities for early risk-takers. Fortune favors the brave.

Today, we are happy to announce the launch of the limited edition Shimmer Jersey and 11,111 Genesis NFTs that come with a set of exclusive perks and a roadmap to accelerate the creation of an entire ecosystem.

Shimmer Store & Pre-Launch Sign-up list here:

Shimmer Genesis NFTs are for the early risk adopters in our ecosystem willing to explore the unique ways in which NFTs will empower the community. The NFTs will be tiered into Gold, Silver and Bronze, priced at different levels and limited amounts. Unlike your standard jpeg, Shimmer Genesis NFTs carry a potential staking boost (which will be different for each tier). HODL Genesis NFT + stake Shimmer tokens = More staking rewards.

Each NFT gives a potential right to staking rewards, both to the NFT holder and to the Shimmer Treasury (more on that later). Crucially, however, this increased staking reward will only be unlocked after a governance vote by the Shimmer community. The Shimmer community will ultimately decide on the exact distributions.

What does this mean in practical terms? Let’s go with a hypothetical scenario. If the community votes to give Genesis Gold NFTs a 15% staking boost, your Shimmer staking rewards will increase by 15%. If you hold two Gold NFTs, your rewards will increase by 30% (maximum stacking is three NFTs). For every staking boost, the equivalent amount in staking rewards will be minted for the Community DAO, supplying the community with long-term funding for the ecosystem.

Considering that there is a lot to build for Shimmer and IOTA, 75 % of all earnings from the NFT sale will go into the development of DAOs within the IOTA and Shimmer ecosystem and 25 % will be reserved for costs and for future NFT campaigns, offering a major boost to accelerate the development and growth of the Shimmer community. When you buy an NFT, you’re supporting the ecosystem directly and you contribute to the ultimate success of the project.

Summary of NFT Perks

  • Shimmer Genesis NFT. The NFTs will be minted into the genesis transaction of the Shimmer network. An early version of your NFT will be available on the IOTA Smart Contracts beta network.
  • Shimmer Genesis Jersey. Get your limited edition Shimmer jersey that you can wear with genesis pride wherever you go.
  • Staking boost, to be voted by the community. Stack your Shimmer NFT and earn more staking rewards for securing the network. This perk will only be unlocked after a successful governance vote by the Shimmer community.
  • DAO membership of Genesis NFT holders. Nothing says exclusive membership like being part of your own DAO. The Genesis NFT holders will form a DAO in the Shimmer network and will be able to govern and allocate funding to community projects.
  • Access to future airdrops and exclusive offerings. This will be a USP of the Shimmer Genesis NFT. As an NFT holder, the Genesis NFT will be your access key to future token airdrops and NFTs that are exclusively launched for holders. One NFT will HODL many NFTs in the future.

Let’s look at the three different NFT tiers and the Shimmer jerseys:

Shimmer Genesis NFTs

Shimmer DAO & Treasury

This NFT drop was initiated by the community and will benefit the community on its journey to capture the full potential of Shimmer. As such, all proceeds from the NFT sale will go towards funding DAOs and Community Projects for Shimmer and IOTA. The Genesis NFT holders will form a DAO in the Shimmer network and will be able to govern and allocate funding to community projects.

The provides the community with a long-term funding source for its treasury and helps fund the ecosystem. Shimmer token holders will therefore decide on the staking percentage increase NFT holders receive while at the same time deciding on the continuous inflow of funding for the Community treasury.

wen Genesis NFT

The Shimmer NFTs will officially go on sale on 26 November 2021. They are available on a first-come, first-served basis in the official Shimmer NFT shop. After the purchase, the NFTs will be available in your Metamask wallet on the IOTA Smart Contracts Beta network. The NFTs can later be redeemed on the Shimmer mainnet.

NFT trading will begin once they are live on the Shimmer mainnet.

1111 Free Airdrops to the Community

As part of the Genesis campaign, 1111 NFTs (Gold, Silver, Bronze) will be randomly airdropped to IOTA stakers and the IOTA Community! At the end of the staking period, we will hold an event where an IOTA smart contract will publicly select random NFT rarities as well as the recipients for the airdrop. In order to be eligible for the airdrop, members need to stake a minimum of 1Gi (1000 MIOTA) over a 60-day period.

Other NFT airdrops will happen spontaneously on our official Discord server. Make sure you’re part of the community and watch out for upcoming airdrops.

The Amazing Team Behind This

This exclusive Shimmer Genesis NFT drop was only made possible through two generous partners and early community members in Shimmer.

The team at TopDrawerMerch has been the primary driver behind this project, bringing NFTs to the IOTA and Shimmer ecosystem. They have created an amazing experience for Genesis NFT holders together with a unique, stylish jersey. Top Drawer Merch is a technology & blockchain driven brand management firm that works with brands such as Badger Dao, Bored Ape Yacht Club, Gutter Cat Gang, and many more. They build and manage clothing brands for their clients via various sales channels. TDM leverages technology to create innovative sales strategies, bridging the physical and digital worlds.

The team at Impossible Brief have been fantastic collaborators and have designed a set of unique NFTs for the Shimmer community. As one of the leading teams in the NFT space, we are honored to have them be a part of this NFT drop and our incredible community.

We look forward to more collaborations with them in the future.

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